Portable Nd yag laser pigmentation Removal machine

The Q-Switch ND: YAG laser delivers light of specific wavelengths with high energy which are absorbed by the pigment and results in a shockwave. The Shockwave shatters the pigment particles, releasing them from their encapsulation and breaking them into tiny fragments and then eliminated out of the body. Since this specific wavelength can only be absorbed by pigment particles, no injury to skin and normal tissues will occur. The machine utilizing the explosive effect of the ND: YAG LASER, the laser permeates the epidermis into the dermis and takes effect on pigment mass and is absorbed by pigment. Since the laser pulses are extremely short in nanosecond and come with super high energy, the pigment mass would swell quickly and break into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolism. In this case, the pigments become lighter gradually and finally disappear.

Products Details

1. Remove tattoo, including red, brown, blue and black. 2. Remove tattoo of eyelid, eyebrow, eye line, lip line, etc. 3. Remove freckles, foxiness, coffee, superficial and deeper speckles, age pigment, birthmark, nevus, sunburn spots, traumatic pigmentation. 4. Black doll head is for skin whitening, skin rejuvenation.Q1.Could I have prices of your products? A1: Welcome. Please feel free to send us an email here. You will get our reply in 24 hours Q2.Can we print our logo/website/company name on products? A2: Yes,you can. Q3.What's the lead time for regular order? A3: Usually 3-5 working days; Q4.Can I get a discount? A4: Yes, for the order quantity more than 100 pcs, please contact us to get the best price. Q5.Do you inspect the finished products? A5: Yes, each step of production is controlled by our QC team and finished products will be checked again by QC department before shipping.No scars, no scabs, no marks or any damages. Selective absorb system, no harm to the normal tissue. Instant effect, high customer satisfaction. High power handpiece, strong output energy, 532nm,1064nm and 1320nm(black doll heads). Integrated laser cavity, anti-vibration and anti-swing, no beam deflection. Car-used radiator, higher efficiency, long continuous working time.

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